What are the major differences between content creators and influencers?

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Instagram is a social media platform that is basically used by every single person. Here, we often hear the words content creators and influencers.

Gone are the days when we didn’t know what they are and what they do. Now a days, even kids know about some top influencers like for example, our own Technical Guruji or Carryminati. They are youtubers and influencers too but not content creators(but what is the difference?).

People sometimes or we can confidently say most of the time interchange these two terms. It’s just like squares and rectangles. Remember school days when we were taught squares can be a rectangles but rectangles cannot be a square. There are a lot of major differences between these two. Watched Emily In Paris? Who do you think she was? An influencer or a content creator?

Well Let’s talk about what content creators and influencers are and what they do first to understand the differences better.


As the name suggests, they create content. But not some normal content, they create out-of-the-box content with basic ideas. Content creators usually include photographers, videographers, writers and artists. The content they make really stands out.

For being a content creator , you don’t necessarily need a lot of followers. You can be a content creator even with less followers. If you are a brand, then you don’t look at the follower count, you look at the work of these content creators. Obviously, if you get a content creator with a lot of followers it’s a win win . Interestingly, content creators are not in for likes and followers. For them the content matters.

Brands prefer partnering with content creators because of their creativity. For example, writers. Brands would prefer good content writers with less followers because of its professional , standing out content than an average content.

Content creators can be influencers too if they have large audience to engage with.

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Influencers are different from content creators because their focus is on engagement and community-building. They tend to have large followings (1,00,000+) that trust their recommendations. Influencers commonly include YouTubers, reviewers, and bloggers. Their content might not be as high-quality as a content creator, but it’s still engaging and interesting.

Influencers are also content creators. The main point is that the quality of this content differs from person to person.

While content creators are in it for the art , influencers build communities for the purpose of connecting and helping their followers, which means occasionally influencing an audience’s decisions of purchasing certain products.

And it works: 74% of people trust their social networks (which include influencers) for recommendations more than they trust branded content. We all know the Kardashians, no matter how much they get trolled, but if they promote a brand, that brand gets a lot of recognition, why? Because they influence us.

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Emily In Paris? She was becoming an influencer too. Posting content on socials and getting likes and her getting products from different brands to post on her social media, that’s how it actually works.

Well, if you need to drive brand awareness, advertisements and sales, influencers are always the best option.

These influencers directly promote your brand or product to their audience with a clear mind, as opposed to content creators, who would only click photos of your product. Influencers have authority and, well, influence over their audience because of the relationships they build on their platform.

Now as it is clear what content creators and influencers are, Let’s talk about their differences.


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The key difference between influencers and content creators is how brands can use their relationship with each type of partner. With content creators, use their creativity and ability to create engaging images and videos to build your own marketing channels. With influencers, use their dedicated audience to build brand awareness and trust.

If your brand is looking for content and distribution, the answer is simple. Work with influential content creators who:

  • Create high-quality/professional content.
  • Have high engagement rates.
  • Have built a dedicated audience and positive comment sentiment.

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