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Influencers Harnessed COVID-19 for Social Good-

As COVID-19 started to spread across the world, raising awareness around proper health and safety measures was paramount and many influencers stepped in to help.

The start of the pandemic was when, crucially, many influencers stepped up to help fill in the knowledge gap about the novel coronavirus. (This was the time when concepts like “social distancing” were still brand new for most of us.)

The Incredible Growth of Black Lives Matter Content-

The killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer on Memorial Day brought renewed energy and focus to the Black Lives Matter movement. In the weeks that followed, BLM content on Instagram exploded, with influencers and brands making commitments to social justice and supporting the community. By early June, creators had generated over 11.8 million engagements on Instagram for #BlackLivesMatter, #BLM and #BlackoutTuesday posts combined.

#Pride2020 by the Numbers-

Pride month (June) has always been a way to celebrate the LGBTQ + community, and while it was in some ways overshadowed by the pandemic and BLM protests, that didn’t stop the influencer community from coming out in full force.

It is no surprise, then, that interest is growing across companies seeking to balance marketing needs with authentic activism and real emotions. The long held belief that ethical practices come at the expense of business performance no longer holds. Consumers demand a clear, visible ethical stand from corporations online and beyond. “Are you with us?” they chant. Brands can no longer remain silent or they risk falling into “against us” category.

On blogs, in Facebook groups, in a variety of listicles, and TikTok streams, people are voicing their discontent with the status quo demanding change. Social media was initially created for the purpose of sharing messages in real-time, and great social media managers know how to use this to their advantage

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It’ll take a long time to undo years of hiring bias and it can feel frustrating that you can’t act on this right away. Fortunately, this isn’t the only way you can support the social movements.

  1. You can show public support for the movement.
  2. You can uplift minority voices that exist within your company.
  3. You can hire diverse influencers and content creators.

Remember, small wins add up! A monetary donation is nice, but long term change requires action. People ultimately want to have their voices heard, and providing a platform for them to speak about issues that are important to them is empowering and can be done now.


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Kudosware is a tech consulting firm. After 5 years in the industry, we decided to alter direction and now we share our passion by helping others.

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